School/ Parish Masses and Visits Autumn 2018

Week Beginning

Whole School Mass/Assemblies

Masses/Visits by Fr Sunith or

Fr Stuart etc


School Masses and Events

3th September 2018

Education Sunday 9th Sept 2018


Faith in Action

10th September 2018

12th September  Whole School Mass 1:30pm


Our Parish

17th September 2018


17th   September Aylesford (Yr 6)


24th September 2018


24th September  Class Visit Yr 2

24th September Teachers’ Deanery Mass at St Anthony’s


1st October 2018


1st October Class  Visit Yr 5

8th October 2018


10th October Year 3 and Year 4

Joint Class Mass


15th October 2018




Half Term


29th October 2018

1st November  Whole School Mass

(All Saints’ Day)


29th  October Class Visit Yr 4

5th November 2018


5th November  Class Visit Yr 3

12th November 2018


14th November Year 5 and Year 6

Joint Class Mass


19th November 2018


19th  November Class Visit Yr 1

26th November 2018


26th November Class Visit

Reception/Nursery (EYFS)


3rd December 2018



10th December 2018

14th December Whole School  Mass 1:30pm

19thh  and 20th December 2018

Infant Nativity 2:30pm


17th December 2018

17th December Carol Service 6:30pm


NB- Family Mass will take place on 7th October, 4th November and 2nd December 2018 at 9:30am – all are warmly invited.



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