School Governors From January 2017.


The Governors at St Anthony’s have a range of expertise across a variety of disciplines and bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the Governing Body. They work as a cohesive team drawn from staff, parents, the Diocese and the local community. Their role is to provide strategic leadership for the school so that pupils achieve their potential academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. Governors support and challenge school leaders by holding them to account through robust monitoring and evaluation of the School Development Plan. In addition, they have collective responsibility for agreeing school policies, determining the school budget and for ensuring that the school is well managed. Governors meet half termly for a full Governing Body meeting and are also members of committees which manage a particular aspect of school life e.g. safeguarding, special educational needs, premises etc. If you have any suggestions, queries or concerns please contact Pat Tyler via the school office.


Foundation Governors

Miss Pat Tyler ( Chair )

Mrs Janette Jacobs ( Vice-Chairman )

Fr Sunith Nonis

Mrs Veronica Nwobi

Mrs Brigid Sullivan

Mr Lewis Brito-Babapullie


Authority Governor

Mr Jon Appleby


Elected Staff Governor

Mrs Claudet Hedman


Parent Governors

Ms. Emeremtiana Nyame

Mrs Gifty Wayoe


Ex Officio Governor

Mrs Lorna White







Governing Body

St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

Genoa Road


SE20 8ES

020 8778 7681

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