Extra Curricular Activities

Offering our children a wide variety of differing extra-curricular activities is essential as it inspires them to flourish into independent, assertive, fruitful members of the community.


There are many great reasons for children to participate in an extracurricular activities including; improved academic performance, exploring interests, creating broader perspectives and increase self-esteem.


The lessons learnt from participating in meaningful extracurricular activities will help with everything from getting a job, to applying for higher education, to just living life!

The list of clubs is ever changing but generally includes:


Multi Skills

These sessions cover a range of sports are fun and enjoyable and give the participants not only an energetic end to the day but also a taster of many different activities.



All about finding and improving our ‘photographic-eye’ along with developing our editing skills – it’s also about having fun, being creative and understanding there’s no such thing as a bad photograph if you like it!



Along with your fellow students, learn how to prepare a variety of dishes, pair foods, use utensils and measurements, understand recipes and basic vocabulary, utilise safe cooking methods, and explore what foods/recipes promote healthy living



A way for the children to get together, under the supervision of a qualified adult, to do their work in a quiet, structured environment, as for many children, doing homework together is more fruitful than doing it solo.



As well as being a lot of fun, our popular Monopoly Club gives the children a chance to challenge their maths skills in an environment outside of the classroom.


Our clubs are run on a half-term/termly basis, depending on the club.


Please contact the school office for any additional information regarding our extra-curricular activities on offer.



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Multi skills and photography


Monopoly and cookery





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